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 Collaborators, Mentors, Friends, and People You Should Know

The individuals, groups, and venues listed below have, in one way or another, greatly shaped the artist that I am. If you like what you have seen on my page, I highly suggest that you take some time to see what these incredible people and organizations are giving to the world Through their work.


These are artists, musicians, filmmakers & creatives of all types with whom I have had the honor of Previously working.

The Walking Wounded

Hardhitting Industrial Electropop, Instigators of Darker Inspiration

Gritty, dark, driving, and poetic, the sounds of The Walking Wounded are some of the few which fuel my own work. Everything in their music happens to be everything I crave hearing, and is exactly what I need to listen to in order to put boots to the pavement, charcoal in hand. Self described as a mix between Depeche Mode and Nick Cave, their music is both lyrically and musically stirring. I was thrilled to be invited to create the artwork for their 2012 album, Rutting in the Silent Kingdom.


Forward Flux Productions and Art Salon

Organization: Bringing Local Emerging Cross-Disciplinary Artists Together

Founded and Run by Wesley Fruge and Benjamin Benne, Forward Flux gives local emerging artists a chance to shine. They invite selected artists in multiple disciplines to premier and perform new and exciting works which push social and artistic boundaries in front of a limited number of art lovers, collectors, and enthusiasts. Forward Flux helps emerging artists make connections to the community which undoubtedly last a lifetime. I was invited to show my work in a salon which was focused on women artists and writers, the Northwest Premier of Green Whales by Lia Romero, October 2014.


Captain Chambers

Indie Filmmaker, Local Visonary

Multi talented in a variety of art forms, Captain Chambers is perhaps most commonly described as a prolific Super8 filmmaker, though one could practically call him anything good and be entirely correct. The founder of the Blue November Film Festival, and a long time friend because of his invitation to show my work during the 2008 showings, I have the deepest respect for this man's ability to connect, encourage, and inspire artists, thinkers, and dreamers from all walks of life. He was also the very first individual to seek me out to ask if I would be a part of that year's production, an honor I will never forget. I also showed my work at the final (for now?) Blue November in 2012.


Rachel Crowl

Photographer, Videographer, Designer, Digital Guru


A master at all things digital, Rachel is so multitalented and inspired that regardless of what she undertakes, she could singlehandedly provide the ideas,the content, the media, the design and the editing to make it an online success. Both my boss and mentor, we worked together on many projects, including on photosets, on artistic publications and advertisements, in the creation and organization of a searchable photodatabase, and on various video and branding projects. She taught me the importance of the presentation of one's online representation, as well as how to use my talents to my advantage in any undertaking conceivable. A huge influence to both my art and my personal life, she is someone you need to know.

Organizations and Schools

Important places which have influenced my artwork or which are similar in goals or missions. Whether you're searching for classes or a community, these are it.

Gage Academy of Art

Seattle, WA

An intensive classical realist art academy which focuses on classical realism, with a focus on rendering the human form. They offer classes, workshops, open studios, and an atelier program that will change your life forever.

Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio

Langley, WA

Run by a former classmate and friend, Cary Jurriaans, Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio offers classes focusing on realism across a broad spectrum of subject matter and mediums. They also host a number of incredibly influential contemporary artists for intensive workshops.


Richeson Gallery and School

Kimberly, Wisconsin

An art school connected with The Jack Richeson Paint Company, this venue boasts classes, open studios, and a realist focused gallery with a breathtaking private collection of artwork.


Wriston Art Galleries

Appleton, WI

A gallery with rotating exhibitions which feature culturally relevant artists and collections, both past and present, with art aimed to broaden horizons and encourage critical thought through specific themes.


The Rabbit Gallery

Appleton, WI


Co-founded by yours truly, The Rabbit Gallery is a pop-up gallery which emerged as a means to revitalize downtown, support local businesses, encourage an appreciation of the arts and dialougue within the community of Appleton and in the Fox City area, and bridge the gaps between local Wisconsin artists in varying stages of their careers. Now run by Lawrence University as a student program and class for credit, its mission remains the same. Support for them is support for the community, the arts, and the hard work of the students in charge.

Check back soon for more links to important people and places; this page will be updated on a semi-regular basis.


Those under whom I have been lucky enough to study and who have shaped my art and art practices

Mark Kang-O'Higgins

Figure Artist

I studied with him from the age of 13 to 20, in classes and later in his Expressive Atelier at the Gage Academy of Art. My artistic idol and rolemodel for years, his work, combining his highly passionate painting style within the classical realist mode, still resonates with me as it did when he first inspired me to fully commit myself to the pursuit of art.

Rob Neilson

Sculptor, Public Artist, Mentor, Rock Star

My teacher, collaborator, and mentor at Lawrence University. With large scale public works displayed all across the country, you may have already seen his work. If not, I highly recommend that you do. Always compelling and often funny, his work is both beautiful and awe inspiring.

Robert Liberace

Figure Artist, Draughtsman, Icon

The foremost realist figure artist of our day, he has been an unexpectedly consistent presence in my life, and his thoughtful advice both shaped and goaded me in to the artist I am and am becoming today. His work is breaktaking, and it is not without reason he is considered among the greatest figure artists throughout history.


Ben Rinehart

Printmaker, Bookmaker, Painter, Font of Relevant Wisdom

My teacher and mentor at Lawrence University along with Rob Neilson, Ben constantly encouraged me to let go of my preconception that my artwork was and should be kept at a distance from my own life experiences. With deeply personal and privately emotional works, Ben's art captures his audience and never quite lets them go. Because of his advice, I began to explore autobiographical art, and am thankful to for where my work is now headed.


Julie Lindemann & John Shimon

Photographers, Musicians, Everything You'd Never Expect

Also my professors at Lawrence University, Johnnie and Julie opened my eyes: not just how much I truly love film photography, but also the intricate and all expansive connections between artists and creators, and how intregal we all are to one another, just as how integrating vastly differing mediums and knowledge only adds to the depth of ones work. I wish I could describe theirs, but I can say only this: they are everything you would never expect and everything you never imagined you could find.

My Friends & Peers

We either have known each other for far too long, were fellow students together, and/or they have profoundly helped me along my twisted artistic way.

Max Badger

Comics, Graphics, Thought for Food

One of my very first friends in the art social sphere, Max and I were of the first generation of Gage Academy's weekly Teen Art Studio, and have subsequently worked together on projects such as the March of the Nutcrackers exhibition downtown, and with the teens in the programs we had both previously attended His comics are incredible and his stories are comparable to the level of his artwork. He recently published his first book, OAK, the story of a young boy who cannot fear death, which is available to buy on his website.


Alaina Katrina

Realist Painter, Teller of Stories

Her Art Page on Facebook

    Though we once shared many of our classes at Lawrence University, as professional artists, we continue to share a pursuit of art featuring the realist figure, a penchant for darker things in life, a real love and understanding of myth, fairy tale, and legend, something which is heavily incorporated in her work. I highly recommend that you peruse her posted works, though, believe it or not, her pieces are even more stunning in person.


Emma Moss

Illustrator Extraordinaire

With an uncanny ability to express all life's little heartaches through the visually whimsical and bizarre, she creates pieces that make you want to smile and frown at the same time, and the result is nothing less than (a very silly face and) an addiction to constantly wondering what she'll produce next.


Emma Sawyer

Hand Weaving, Textile Master

One of my longest time friends, Emma traded figure drawing for traditional textile weaving. Exploring traditional designs and techniques, she is currently creating many breathtaking and beautiful things.


Heather Strock

Hair Stylist, Miracle Worker

Owner and founder of the Canary Salon, Heather continually serves as an inspiration and font of grounded inspiration. An artist and a musician herself, she continuously seeks to become more involved in the arts, helping all her artist friends along in the process. She said that hair called to her more than any instrument, and her work is the proof of her passion. Trust me, she works miracles.


Tura Sugden

Fine Jeweler

Traditionally trained, Tura makes small batch custom jewelry for our contemporary times. Her work is thoughtful, tasteful, and beautiful, and is rapidly gaining momentum across the country. One can find her work in high end boutiques and online at the address above.


Ian Mitchell Wallace

Realist Figure Artist, Designer, Illustrator

A former classmate, Ian creates compelling and often quite controversial artwork which goads the viewer in to confronting and often discussing topics that are not often mentioned in polite (or impolite) conversation. His work often finds deep roots in mythology and pop cultural reference, so be sure to brush up on your Bullfinch before you browse. However, his work is as beautiful in concept as in his execution, and I have nothing but the highest respect for the projects he undertakes.

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