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about the ARTIST

Having begun her training in classical figure art and portraiture before her teenage years, most of Sydney M. Pertl's work, regardless of the medium employed, focuses on people, and the emotions, attitudes, and stories surrounding them.


Gathering the advice and life accounts of strangers is a particular hobby of hers, as well as pinpointing the moments in which a life is changed, especially as instigated by human interaction or metal regression, themes which are seen often through her sketches and musings.


Academically, she has focuses in multiple areas of expertise besides the fine and studio arts, including graphic design, art history, east asian studies, Chinese, history, world literature, teaching, psychology, and perhaps most importantly, in the study of traditional and modern fairy tales & mythology and their application and importance in today's highly monetarized global society.


Sydney M. Pertl has travelled to many different places: by land, by sea, by book and often in the shoes of others. She thrives when creating art, and while she has had many extraordinary and exciting day jobs, art is the sole factor which keeps her both happy and sane. Her all-consuming dream is to simply make enough from her art to be able to keep a roof over her head, food on the table, and her charcoal and art supplies somewhat stocked, without ever having to worry about an unrelated day job ever again.


If you would like to see more works, please consider donating, purchasing, or commissioning an artwork. All money goes to the sole purpose of supplying the materials, buying time away from days spent at jobs irrelevant to artmaking, and keeping a roof overhead of her and her works. If you have liked what you have seen and would like to help, please consider sharing this site with others, liking her facebook page, or writing her an email to say what you think or how you feel.


Thank you for your support, truly.

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