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New Ideas, Works in Progress, Current Events

Like my page to be the first to see any new works in progress; keep apprised of all my upcoming openings, events, and any drawing or painting workshops that I'll be teaching!



Like my page to be the first to see updates of new works in progress; keep apprised of all my upcoming art shows and openings, be the first to know about any drawing or painting workshops that I'm teaching.... and more!

'Liking' or sharing an artist's page helps more than one might think; in fact, it's the best way to show your support for an artist, for their work, and for their future. When you 'like,' comment or share my work, you are proudly introducing it to your own friends and followers, allowing it to be seen by those who would have never encountered it otherwise, and making it possible for me to to continue living and working as an artist. I'm able to have the chance to live my dreams because of you. There is nothing for which I could be more grateful. Thank you.

Support THE CREATION OF my work through Crowdfunding


Much like Kickstarter, but run on an ongoing monthly basis, Patreon helps full-time artists (like me) fund their works through many small donations of anyone who would like to contribute any amount ($1 - ?) in order to ensure the creation of all new works to come. Click here to be directed to my page on Patreon to learn more about what I'm doing and how your contribution helps!

buy prints, request prints, reserve portrait sittings


Click here to reserve a live portrait sitting and live drawing; browse, buy, or request a listing for a print of any of my non-commissioned artworks seen here in any standard size. Professionally reproduced on archival paper, prints are a great way to affordably own and proudly display the art you love! For all inquiries regarding the purchase of original artworks, please contact me directly.

Questions comments purchase or commission original works


Join the mailing list! Type "mailing list" in the subject line of the form below if you'd like to receive email updates with dates and descriptions of upcoming openings, shows, and workshops!

Have questions, comments, commission requests or inquiries re: the purchase of an original work? You can do that from right here, or email me directly at

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