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PRICING a very general guide

It is often difficult to judge what kind of price estimate you may recieve when submitting a proposal for a commissioned work but here is a brief overview of pricing, what to expect, and what you will recieve when ordering a custom work from Sydney M. Pertl. Because each piece directly reflects real life, whether from a sitting in her studio or from an approved photograph, pricing reflects her ability and years of education to achieve such emotive realism, as well as a baseline price for time, energy, and supplies. For example, an oil painting of the same subject as rendered in charcoal would be vastly more expensive due to the expense of the paints, which range from $7 -  $24 per tube of color, versus approximately $50 for the entirety of a large scale charcoal drawing. This art is intensely specific to each commission and person; these are not reproductions of previous work, nor are they archetypal cartoon like blank templates to be filled in; this art is made for you and to your specifications, and all measures are taken to render personality, emotion, and subject as true to life.


Commissioned works can range from $150-$1,500+ based on a number of factors (see below)

Previously completed works (pre-2011) will range anywhere from $100- (approx.) $700

Works completed from 2011 on will range from $300 - TBD, as they are more relevant and are more than likely still in a series still in progress or needed as submissions for galleries, though I am always open to offers and discussion about any of my pieces.


Some of the factors which influence the price of a piece of artwork are as follows:



-prices and availability of the materials needed                      

-time needed versus time allotted to create the piece (less stress for me means less money for you!)

-the size of the piece          

-the subject or multiple subjects and the detail desired in their surroundings                

-style chosen                

-purpose of the work (this goes for anything that is being commissioned specifically to be published, such as album covers, magazine covers, etc)

-the story behind the commission (just because I would rather spend my time making something meaningful; background stories are always enthusiastically welcomed)

-commissed future works are personalized and will generally be more expensive than buying a piece similar in style and medium which has already been created.


For previously completed works

-First, contact me to be sure that the work you would like to purchase is for sale; some of my art has been sold, lost, or destroyed in natural disasters.

-The year it was created and its relevance to current or planned future projects - if I need it for a series to show professionally in a gallery or artspace, it may not be for sale (yet), though it never hurts to ask or to make me aware of your intention to buy the piece. Even if it's not for sale at the time, when it is, you will be the first person contacted about it. Something that is a life drawing will generally be cheaper than a piece which is part of a series.                    

-The amount of time it took to complete, though this also relates to the year of its creation and becomes progressively cheaper the older it is

-The materials used in its creation (again, oil paintings are generally more expensive than            

-purpose of your purchase of the work (for previous works, purchasing the rights for things like album covers or publications is also an option)


Because A portrait such as the one above might be sold (if commissioned) for anywhere between $150-$350, plus shipping. It includes the gesture and features of the sitter, a focal point rendered with higher detail, and, like all commissions, driven by and inspiring an emotional response. Plan on a turn around time of shipping it out at least one week from payment, though up to three (depending on whether or not I am working a day job to supprt myself or not).
Because this piece has multiple mediums, a deeper exploration of form and shadow, as well as an emotional pull formed and rendered on the page, this requires more time, and subsequently will cost more. Allow for 3-6 weeks turnaround, and an estimate between $300-$650 plus shipping.
This piece is incredibly detailed, pays special attention to details and contours, and is incredibly polished. It lacks the sketchy lines and requires a mastery of one's medium and one's hand to complete. These are by far more time consuming and usually more exhausting to complete. Something like this would start at $600 and could cost up to $1000, or potentially more, depending on the proposed subject, size of work, and medium used.

regarding other requests

I am absolutely welcome to emails about any ideas about other uses or needs for my past or future artworks, such as uses in collaborative pieces, promotions, or other such things, though please keep in mind that ideally, making art is my living, and not-so ideally (but sadly, realistically), if art is not my living, it means I have had to obtain a job in order to continue to barely maintain my basic monthly living expenses. While I am consistently surprised and thrilled when asked to collaborate on a not-for-profit or promotional , please be aware that I may not have sufficient income at said time to allow for it at this point in my art career, though I may want to. I would love to hear your ideas regardless, however, know that it is meant as no disrespect to your own creative project if I must say no. Thank you.

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