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Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained... ?

If you like the works you have seen here, please consider supporting the creation of new works. You can even just donate a dollar! Donations are counted through this app, which uses Paypal to deposit it directly to my Paypal business account for my art.

        I have a TON of works from my newest series which are either still in progress or still in my head, and it is starting to pain me that I lack the time/supplies needed to finish these pieces. I'm working in a huge scale for these works (60" is generally the smallest dimension), and they are incredibly important to me, as they represent the absolute trauma and sometimes beauty of the events of the past year. It is because they are so large and so intensely personal, they require a rather huge investment of material, emotion, and time.


        I am currently seeking funding specifically for this project, and more specifically for the duration of one entire month. That's an entire month without taking seasonal or contract jobs, which sadly end up taking presidence over an ability to devote the uninterrupted time I need to be able to start finishing these many works. 


        I can't tell you how grateful I would be for time that I might use, free of financial worry, guilt, or long hours of unrelated work, in order to bring my ideas to life. With a donation of any amount, you are choosing to give the priceless gift of time to a very passionate and committed artist; something for which I cannot thank you enough.


One month of time could mean producing an entire body of new works and any number of positive improvements for my art career. For example, completing a series of new works mean an increased ability to secure gallery shows; the last full body of my work which survived my house flood dates from 2012, right on the cusp of acceptable as works considered professionally current by galleries and grants. This body of work, with the oldest piece dating from 2014, could qualify me for all kinds of previously unavailable opportunites that would help me on my way to self-sufficiency as a professional working artist. This is only one of the outcomes made possible by your generous donation.


What else could that time buy? Let's find out!


Raising the money to pay my way for a month doesn't mean I will spend the month without work, it just means that you have afforded me the time to work on something meaningful.


Thank you.

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