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COMMISSIONS a GUide to how they work

It is often difficult to judge what kind of price estimate you may recieve when submitting a proposal for a commissioned work but here is a brief overview of pricing, what to expect, and what you will recieve when ordering a custom work from Sydney M. Pertl. Because each piece directly reflects real life, whether from a sitting in her studio or from an approved photograph, pricing reflects her ability and years of education to achieve such emotive realism, as well as a baseline price for time, energy, and supplies. For example, an oil painting of the same subject as rendered in charcoal would be vastly more expensive due to the expense of the paints, which range from $7 -  $24 per tube of color, versus approximately $50 for the entirety of a large scale charcoal drawing. This art is intensely specific to each commission and person; these are not reproductions of previous work, nor are they archetypal cartoon like blank templates to be filled in; this art is made for you and to your specifications, and all measures are taken to render personality, emotion, and subject as true to life.



First, send an email to to submit your request, and which pieces of my work are similar to what type of work you would like to recieve. If the piece is based on a photograph, please include that as well because it allows for a more accurate price estimate. Include what size, medium(s), and colors (if applicable), as well a brief description of what this subject means to you, what purpose you would like it to serve, and why you have chosen it in particular. If there is a back story, do not hesitate to include that as well. Emotions play a huge part in my artworks, and they help fuel and inspire the creation of your piece! 


Upon receiving your request, I will respond with an estimate of the price and the approximate time needed for completion, and we can certainly discuss any details or changes accordingly. I am also open to discussing payment plans, as I know all too well how much the lack of money prevents one from even considering the purchase of something they love, want, or need. Generally, half of the payment is due when securing the commission; it purchases needed supplies, and acts as a retainer fee, as it proves your committment to buy the custom work (and my time), I accept payments over paypal or cash if you are local. As soon as this payment is received, I will begin your work immediately! I can send photo updates as requested, and will send you a photo of the piece when finished just to get a final approval from you before it is carefully packed up and mailed to you per any shipping option that you would like, and shipping cost is added to the final invoce. As soon as that is recieved, your work of art will be mailed to you with a tracking number and a required signature for delivery, so that we can both track its progress to you. Upon arrival, you will have your very own, personalized and meaningful piece of artwork, straight to you from me!


Though by no means any kind of set in stone price guide, this is generally what you may expect regarding the pricing of commissioned work. using three examples referencing medium, style, and emotion, intensity, and time needed for completion.

Because A portrait such as the one above might be sold (if commissioned) for anywhere between $150-$350, plus shipping. It includes the gesture and features of the sitter, a focal point rendered with higher detail, and, like all commissions, driven by and inspiring an emotional response. Plan on a turn around time of shipping it out at least one week from payment, though up to three (depending on whether or not I am working a day job to supprt myself or not).
Because this piece has multiple mediums, a deeper exploration of form and shadow, as well as an emotional pull formed and rendered on the page, this requires more time, and subsequently will cost more. Allow for 3-6 weeks turnaround, and an estimate between $300-$650 plus shipping.
This piece is incredibly detailed, pays special attention to details and contours, and is incredibly polished. It lacks the sketchy lines and requires a mastery of one's medium and one's hand to complete. These are by far more time consuming and usually more exhausting to complete. Something like this would start at $650 and range to well over $1000 depending on the proposed size and medium.
There are a few last factors to be aware of in pricing and whether or not I can accept a certain commission of which prospective buyers should be aware:
I will not be able to complete a piece and have it shipped out the same day. You'd be surprised how many people have messaged me about this. I could, if I did not have to work or my time were otherwise previously engaged, potentially finish your piece in a day if it were tending towards the first example, if you were to sit for me for multiple hours in the same day, and then wait for touchup of the final stages of the piece, but it will cost you. If not for time spent, then certainly from anxiety induced. Having a certain amount of time gives the plans and execution of the artwork the chance to evolve in to a considered, deliberate final piece that is exactly what you had in mind. As a rule of thumb, the quicker the rush, the more it will cost - for me, the price increase is time and what all I had to cancel or postpone in order to rush the accepted job, though rush or overnight shipping will also be reflected in your final invoice. More time allotted means less stress for the artist, more ability to finetune the artwork to your specifications, and certainly a better finished work in every regard
When commissioning a work, my contract with you will by default allow me to retain the rights to the image, though the possession of the object itself is yours. This means that I may use the image of the subject or idea that you commissioned on my website, in my professional portfolio, on promotional materials, and the like. Just as any other professional in the arts, should you like to purchase the rights to the artwork as well, please note that it will be an additional cost.
If you would like your artwork to be drawn from a photograph, there are a few tips that contribute to a better finished piece. First, be sure your photograph is clear and that the features of the subject are in focus within the shot. The more detailed the picture, the more accurately I can render subject through my art. If the photograph chosen does happen to be blurry, but chosen from emotional necessity, please include, if possible other photographs of the subject so that I can get a feel for their countenance and expression. The best photographs to submit with a commission request are ones which have both light and shadow on the face (and/or body of the subject). Photographs taken without a flash but with other high contrast light sources (ie sunsets, sunlight) which more specifically reference a chiaroscuro set up will allow me to produce the best and most visually captivating piece of art for you. However, I realize that many photographs are chosen for the sake of their emotional ties or rememberances, which I think is beautiful and wonderful as well. Remember, these are just some pointers if you would like your artwork to be similar to the pieces showcased on my page; but regardless of photograph you would like me to work from, I will make sure that your piece is absolutely everything you would like it to be.
Finally, as previously mentioned, I am certainly willing to discuss payment options and plans or potentially consider trades; just send me an email and we can discuss it further.
For any other questions, concerns or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me at I can't wait to hear from you!
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