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solo gallery exhibition THE ADDISON GALLERY



The Addison Gallery, located on South Main Street and Fourth Avenue South, will be showing selected sketches and works from Sydney M. Pertl's current collection, The Sentry, for the entirety of February, 2015.




The fundraiser is a gala celebrating Sydney's current works on display at the Addison Gallery and  a showcase for incredible local musicians who have volunteered their talents to support Sydney and her work. As a means of raising money, Sydney will also be drawing a limited number of portraits from 20 minute (or less) sittings of attendees at the Gala for a suggested donation of only $50. This is a one time opportunity that may not ever present itself again as Sydney's portraits generally retail anywhere from $350 - $550. However, even if you would not like to have your portrait drawn, everyone is invited to watch as she produces portrait after portrait during these incredibly quick sittings. With art on the walls, live music performances, attendees of every kind of artistic persuasion, posters and prints to fit any budget, and delicious food to sample, this Gala is something you will not want to miss!



and The Sentry, Sydney's current body of work is bourne of extreme and overwhelming emotions from the past year - in which her house flooded - and creating them takes an immense amount of concentration and dedication that is best when uninterrupted. In addition, the size and scale of these drawings demands an appropriately proportionate supply of charcoal, chamois, and erasers, as well as paper large enough to accomodate the emotions to be drawn upon it. 


For the entirety of January, Sydney was able to dedicate all of her time to her art and to placing the foundations to one day become a successful full time working artist, and can truthfully say that she has put more time and effort in to her goal for the past month than anything in her life. Her art occupies almost every thought, and this past month has brought a lot of changes; the redesigning of her website from flash into the all-accessible html; a current CV and portfolio; grant applications and gallery submissions galore, and, of course, many new works - one of which will make its debut at the Gala. Most notably, however, is this gallery showing - a miracle in itself, considering that downtown galleries book their shows a year in advance. This is Sydney M. Pertl's first solo showing in an established gallery. In recognition of just how much can truly be done with dedication, an amazing support system of friends, and a few weeks of time unhindered with obligations other than to her dream, ALL WORKS* WILL BE LISTED FOR SALE AT THE GALA in hopes that in selling her only current surviving body of work, she might buy more time in which to actualize the many drafts of new pieces which are swarming in her head, just waiting to finally be let loose on to the page...and to continue applying for all opportunities and anything else which might help on her journey to becoming a full time working artist.


*All works except those created on commission and shown in the gallery with permission.
































The Addison Gallery is on the NORTH SIDE of the Addison Building.


It is half way between 4th and 5th on Main Street.

From the Tashiro Kaplan building, it is one block south, and half a block East (to your left).

From the Foster/White Gallery, it is one (and a half) blocks East (towards the hill).



The opening is during Seattle's First Thursday citywide celebration of art, on February 5, from 5pm - 10pm. Because of its location, directly across the tracks from the Pioneer Square gallery district, it is not technically part of the Pioneer Square Art Walk; however, it is only one block South of The Tashiro Kaplan galleries ( 4Culture, Soil, Gallery 110), or one block East of the Greg Kucera and Foster/White Gallery spaces. Keep your eyes open for the sandwich boards; they definitely will not be difficult to miss!







5:30 ~ 6:50  ________________________

6:55 ~ 7:15  ________________________

7:20 ~ 7:40  ________________________

7:45 ~ 8:05  ________________________

8:10 ~ 8:30  ________________________

8:35 ~ 8:55  ________________________

9:00 ~ 9:20  ________________________


How can you be absolutely sure you will get the chance to sit for your portrait? Consider reserving your spot today by clicking HERE or by clicking on the Art & Print Shop tab in the menu above.


Every dollar spent on a portrait reservation (in advance of the day of the event) goes directly back in to gala preparation and publicity and printing needed for the success of the night. Reserving your spot not only buys you a beautiful one-of-a-kind custom portrait drawing, but it also provides the necessary funds to print posters and giclee archival prints that can then be sold at the fundraiser, offering a vastly more affordable  means of contributing to the creation of Sydney M. Pertl's ability to create future works.




6:30 ~ 7:00  Jim Marcotte & Friend, Blues on Guitar and Upright Bass



James Hebdon, composer and pianist;

Roger Wheeler, Harmonica and Blues


If you would like to volunteer your performance (or trade for time spent on an art commission, I would absolutely love to hear from you; please email me at




Yes. I purchased Paypal's version of the Square specifically in preparation for this event - though cash and payments via paypal will of course be  happily accepted as well.




If you might like to donate items or supplies instead - things that are always needed in Sydney's studio are:


-Soft or Medium Vine Charcoal


-General's Compressed Charcoal Pencils (medium, hard)


-Mid-range quality watercolors in any color


-Soft, real leather chamois (found at an automotive supply shop)


-Large (50-60" wide) rolls of acid free paper of any kind, though in a dream world, it would be smooth multi-media/watercolor in weight ;) if anyone might have unused paper rolling around...


-A sturdy easel which is not held together with duct tape and prayers


-Large sheets of Coroplast, the corrugated plastic that billboards use for printed signs; I use this as a drawing board for my large works.


-A Creative Zen mp3 player or a Zune; music is integral to the creation of my work, and I am now currently the proud owner of 3 Walkmans (one for mp3 cds, one for radio, and one was the first I bought right after the flood), though the ability to play all/any of my music and to be able to place them in separate playlists free-of-the-ties-of-a-phone would be incredibly helpful to my work. I can offer trades, or possibly buy if need be.


-Architect flat files; the bigger the better (the more affordable, the better). These would provide a way to protect my mid-sized artwork from accidental damages (or, to some extent, floods and fires) as they are stored, and would be extremely helpful in centralizing and organizing my work as then I could quickly determine which pieces are available to sell.



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